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13 New AI Apps, 8 AI Articles

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Hey hey! There is a lot going on with AI and I'm here to fill you in.

Today, not only do I have 13 new AI apps for you to checkout, I've cherry picked 8 articles, videos, and tweets for your enjoyment and education.

Let's do this.

p.s. We hit a major milestone! There are 10,000 of you out there now <3

p.s. Are you working on an AI app? Have you written an AI article or made a video? Send it to me, I would love to include it in the next newsletter! <3

💻 New AI Products

  • Legacies: AI written obituaries (link)
  • Decktopus: Generate a presentation just by typing in what you want (link)
  • Autoblogger: Write a blog post automatically with AI (link)
  • CookThis: Take a photo of your fridge and have AI give you recipe ideas (link)
  • FGenEds: Upload school lectures and AI will make you a cheat sheet (link)
  • InvoicesGPT: Automatically handle all incoming invoices (link)
  • Raycast: Use ChatGPT anywhere on your mac (link)
  • Landbot: Make a chatbot with no code (link)
  • Childbook: Use AI to write a children's book (link)
  • Phind: AI search engine for developers (link)
  • Codium: Analyze your code and generate tests automatically (link)
  • Fathom: Use AI to automatically take notes during zoom meetings (link)
  • AdCreative: Use AI to automatically create social ads (link)

📚 AI Content & Discussions

  • Is someone else building the same AI app as you? Don't get discouraged (link)
  • How can we tell if AI is sentient? (link)
  • If the data AI is trained on is biased, how can we make sure the AI isn't biased? (link)
  • AI created images aren't protected by copyright law according to the US Copyright Office (link)
  • AI is neither the Terminator nor the benevolent super being (link)
  • Conversational AI will be used to manipulate us (link)
  • TikTok's AI filter that turns you into your teenage self is making people emotional (link)
  • Imagine if you could use AI anywhere on your computer, across all apps (link)

Thanks for reading!

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