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7 New AI Apps, 10 AI Articles

Hey folks! I have some new AI apps and articles to share with you. I promise only some of them are related to automatically making presentations and articles with AI (this seems to be a very popular category with app builders right now). Today we have lots of new AI activity from Meta and...
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about 1 month ago • 1 min read

13 New AI Apps, 8 AI Articles

Hey hey! There is a lot going on with AI and I'm here to fill you in. Today, not only do I have 13 new AI apps for you to checkout, I've cherry picked 8 articles, videos, and tweets for your enjoyment and education. Let's do this. p.s. We hit a major milestone! There are 10,000 of you out there...
about 1 month ago • 1 min read

AI DJ, AI Notes, AI News Editor

Hey folks! Another day, another round of big AI releases. 2023 is the year every digital product gets reimagined with AI. What does a search engine look like if it could talk? How is data analyzed when AI can read it all for you? First, products that already exist will be upgraded with AI, this...
about 1 month ago • 2 min read

Breaking: The 29 AI Startups In Y Combinator's Current Batch

Hey everyone! By the end of this year everything will be AI, I'm going to make sure you're in the loop through this crazy worldwide transition. It's raining while I write this right now, and the wind chimes are going nuts! I'm looking forward to not needing to water the lawn :) Ok, enough about...
about 1 month ago • 2 min read

AI: From Chatbots to Generating Fake Influencers

Hey all! Every day AI changes the world a little bit more, but don't worry I'm here to keep you in the loop. I spent the entire day yesterday working on a new product we're releasing at Octane AI soon (except for an hour where I worked on putting new drapes up in the baby room). The baby gets...
about 1 month ago • 2 min read

AI Takes Over Piano: The Future of Music?

Hey folks! AI is taking over and I'm here to keep you up to speed. This weekend I spent most of my time getting the house setup for a baby. I'm having a baby boy soon! Ok. Let's get into it. Matt's AI Highlights 1. What Is ChatGPT Doing … and Why Does It Work?​ After reaching 100 million users in...
about 1 month ago • 2 min read